Introductory Offer


We will connect with you online to offer client-focused training. These sessions are best spaced one week apart to allow for on-the-job application for the material learned. Each session begins with follow-up questions from the previous lessons.

We will contact you before the initial session to determine your priority projects. We will work with you to determine how to best use your software to achieve these goals.

$4,250 per package


Classroom Computer Training (in-person)

We will work with you to customize the content of your class to fit your business needs. We can piece together topics that will align with your business goals and the needs of the students/employees.

$1,900 per day


Classroom Computer Training (online)

If your team is spread across the globe, this option may work best. We will bring your team together for interactive and meaningful online learning. We have found that shorter online sessions are most productive. 90-minute sessions can be scheduled as needed according to the client schedule.

$475 per session


Monthly Training Plans


  • Perfect for seasoned users
  • 10 hours per month

$2,900 per month


  • Ideal for small companies
  • 25 hours per month

$6,880 per month


  • Ideal for agencies
  • 50 hours per month

$12,900 per month


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